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Successfully running a law firm requires law firm leaders and owners to make difficult decisions, creatively solve problems and continually look for ways to innovate for future growth. The Law Firm Launch Podcast invites successful law firm owners and legal industry experts to offer their unique perspectives and advice on successful managing a law firm as a thriving business.

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About The Podcast

Hosted By Legal Back Office

Legal Back Office was founded because of a need in the legal industry to help ease the burden on managing partners running their firms. LBO powers the business of law and the Law Firm Launch Podcast is the brainchild of LBO founder and CEO Jaimee Hall. This podcast is designed to bring on experienced law firm owners and legal industry professionals to share their advice on how to successfully build and manage your firm.

Jaimee Hall

Jaimee Hall

Meet Your Host

Jaimee Hall has been in the legal industry for over 8 years leading a 100+ person back office function for a global litigation firm including full P&L responsibilities, strategic planning, people leadership and culture creation. Prior to that, she was a Director of Leadership Development for a national professional services firm. Her Executive MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, MO along with her experience of running the business side of a global law firm gives her and LBO a distinct advantage when helping firms grow across the country.

Jaimee is incredibly passionate about helping attorneys build a successful business and lead a fulfilling personal and professional life.

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